The Magic


Navi got a task at school to collect N stones. Each day he can collect only one stone. As N can be a very large number so it could take many days to complete the task, but then he remembers that his mother gave him a magic that can double anything (i.e if he has 2 stones, the magic will make them to 4 stones). \n\nNavi can use this magic any number of time on the collected stone on a particular day and add this to the previously collected stones. \n\nRemember that he wants exactly N stones and he can’t throw any stone. If he gets more than N stones then he gets 0 marks, of course he doesn’t want 0 marks. \n\nHelp him to collect exactly N stones in minimum number of days.\n\nInput\n\nFirst line of input will contain number of test cases (T). Then next T lines contains a single number N, which is number of stones Navi has to collect.\n\nOutput\n\nFor each test case, Print a single number which is the minimum number of days taken by Navi to complete the task.\n\nConstraints\n\n1 <= T <= 10^5\n\n0 <= N <= 10^9.


#include <stdio.h>

int ones(int n)
 int count = 0;
 return count;

int main()
    int t;
    int n;
    return 0;
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