Write a function Add() that returns sum of two integers. The function should not use any of the arithmetic operators (+, ++, , -, .. etc).\n\nSum of two bits can be obtained by performing XOR (^) of the two bits. Carry bit can be obtained by performing AND (&) of two bits.\nAbove is simple Half Adder logic that can be used to add 2 single bits.\n\nWe can extend this logic for integers. If x and y dont have set bits at same position(s), then bitwise XOR (^) of x and y gives the sum of x and y. To incorporate common set bits also, bitwise AND (&) is used. Bitwise AND of x and y gives all carry bits. We calculate (x & y) << 1 and add it to x ^ y to get the required result.


int Add(int x, int y)
    // Iterate till there is no carry  
    while (y != 0)
        // carry now contains common set bits of x and y
        int carry = x & y;  
        // Sum of bits of x and y where at least one of the bits is not set
        x = x ^ y; 
        // Carry is shifted by one so that adding it to x gives the required sum
        y = carry << 1;
    return x;
int main()
  int m,n;
    printf("%d", Add(m, n));
    return 0;
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