Write a program to add one to a given number. You are not allowed to use operators like +, -, *, /, ++, etc.\n\nExamples:\nInput: 12\nOutput: 13\n\nInput: 6\nOutput: 7\n\nYes, you guessed it right, we can use bitwise operators to achieve this. Following are different methods to achieve same using bitwise operators.


int addOne(int x)
  int m = 1;
  /* Flip all the set bits until we find a 0 */
  while( x & m )
    x = x^m;
    m <<= 1;
  /* flip the rightmost 0 bit */
  x = x^m;
  return x;
/* Driver program to test above functions*/
int main()
  int x;
  printf("%d", addOne(x));
 // getchar();
  return 0;
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