Given two signed integers, write a function that returns true if the signs of given integers are different, otherwise false. For example, the function should return true -1 and +100, and should return false for -100 and -200. The function should not use any of the arithmetic operators.\n\nLet the given integers be x and y. The sign bit is 1 in negative numbers, and 0 in positive numbers. The XOR of x and y will have the sign bit as 1 iff they have opposite sign. In other words, XOR of x and y will be negative number number iff x and y have opposite signs.


bool oppositeSigns(int x, int y)
    return ((x ^ y) < 0);
int main()
   // int x = 100, y = -100;
  int x,y;
    if (oppositeSigns(x, y) == true)
       printf ("Signs are opposite");
      printf ("Signs are not opposite");
    return 0;
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