Question Name:MARK & TOYS


using namespace std;

typedef unsigned long long      ui64;
typedef long long               i64;
typedef	vector<int>             VI;
typedef	vector<bool>            VB;
typedef	vector<VI>              VVI;
typedef	vector<string>          VS;
typedef	pair<int,int>           PII;
typedef map<string,int>         MSI;
typedef set<int>                SI;
typedef set<string>             SS;
typedef complex<double>         CD;
typedef vector< CD >            VCD;
typedef map<int,int>            MII;
typedef	pair<double,double>     PDD;

#define PB                      push_back
#define MP                      make_pair
#define X                       first
#define Y                       second
#define FOR(i, a, b)            for(int i = (a); i < (b); ++i)
#define RFOR(i, a, b)           for(int i = (a) - 1; i >= (b); --i)
#define CLEAR(a, b)             memset(a, b, sizeof(a))
#define SZ(a)                   int((a).size())
#define ALL(a)                  (a).begin(), (a).end()
#define RALL(a)                 (a).rbegin(), (a).rend()
#define INF                     (2000000000)

#ifdef _DEBUG
#define eprintf(...) fprintf (stderr, __VA_ARGS__)
#define eprintf(...) assert (true)

const double PI = acos(-1.0);

int main() {
	int n,k;
	VI a(n);
	FOR(i,0,n) {
	FOR(i,0,n) {
		k -= a[i];
		if(k<0) {
			cout << i << endl;
			return 0;
	cout << n << endl;
	return 0;
  • Problem Description
    Mark and Jane are very happy after having their first kid. Their son is very fond of toys, so Mark wants to buy some. There are N different toys lying in front of him, tagged with their prices, but he has only $K. He wants to maximize the number of toys he buys with this money.

    Now, you are Mark’s best friend and have to help him buy as many toys as possible.

    Input Format

    The first line contains two integers, N and K, followed by a line containing N space separated integers indicating the products’ prices.

    1 <= N <= 10^5
    1 <= K <= 10^9
    1 <= price of any toy<= 10^9

    A toy can’t be bought multiple times.

    Output Format

    An integer that denotes maximum number of toys Mark can buy for his son.
  • Test Case 1
    Input (stdin)7 50
    1 12 5 111 200 1000 10
    Expected Output4
  • Test Case 2
    Input (stdin)5 100
    10 120 5 20 200
    Expected Output3
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