Monk and his Friend


Monk has a very good friend, Puchi. As weird as his name, are the games he plays. One fine day, they decided to play a game to test how diverse their choices are. \n\nBoth of them choose exactly one integer each. Monk chooses an integer M and Puchi chooses an integer P. \n\nThe diversity of their choices is defined as the number of bits whose status is different in the binary representation of M and P , i.e. , count of bits that are ,either set in M and unset in P or set in P and unset in M.\n\nFind the answer to their game.\n\nInput:\nFirst line contains T. T test cases follow.\nEach test case consists of 2 space-separated integers P and M.\n\nOutput:\nPrint the answer to each test case in a new line.\n\nConstraints:\n1 <= T<= 10^4\n0<= M, P <= 10^16.



using namespace std;

int main()
       int t;
              unsigned long long int m,p,x=0;
              while(m>0 || p>0)
                     if(m%2 != p%2)
       return 0;
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